dijous, 27 de maig del 2010

L´ordinador te memoria no records

El ordenador tiene memoria no recuerdos
O computador tem memória mas nenhuma lembrança
l´ordinateur a de mémoire mais n´a aucun souvenir

dimecres, 26 de maig del 2010

La vida es com una ceba

A vida é como uma cebola se descasca chorando

S´ha de pelar plorant
La vida es como una cebolla se ha de pelar llorando

diumenge, 23 de maig del 2010

diumenge, 2 de maig del 2010

Say yes Taylor Wax

Come on, Wax Tailor
Wax Tailor on the beat once again
State of mind for the bland
Check it out, say yes, say yes, say yes!

Say Yes if you think that you should speak what you feel
Say Yes for the artists still keeping it real
Say Yes, and if you got the spirit stand tall and say
Yes Yes Y'all... Yes Yes Y'all!

Say No to the bloodsucking downpresser man
Say No if you're ready for some Buckshackalang
Say No if you're fed up and ready to brawl then say
No Way Y'all... No Way Y'all

This one is for the refugees and child soldiers
Carrying the weight of the world upon their shoulders
The homeless and few true microphonists
Not afraid to raise their fists and use the groove against opponents
The horns are for the Haitians and rhyme for Rwanda
Kick it for the Congo on the one for Obama
And bring the drama like a suicide bomber
For the people of Tibet and the Dalai Lama
Ima pass it over 'cause I'm too vexed to keep on..
The kinda crap designed to make you clap yet we weep on
The trees gone, cut, all across the globe
Can't nobody see we've had a Holocaust before
So what's the cost of hope, and that of a democracy
Liberty, freedom and equality, you follow me
A call to peace now's pivotal, lyrical,
Spiritual cleansing of minds the strike's critical